Airline Plotters Wanted To Blow Up Several Planes

A Brtish jury was shown a “martyrdom video” made by one of the eight who are on trial for planning to blow up several planes in an effort to create chaos in the air. Umar Islam’s voice is heard ranting on about rvenge for the death of Muslims and warnings to the western world. “this is a warning for the non-believers tht if they do not leave our lands there are many more like us and many more like me until the law of Allah is established on this Earth.” He boasted the plane bombers would wind up in paradise while those they kill are doomed to hell. The action of killing innocent peple is justified on grounds Muslims are being killed by the United States and other western powers.

The strategy of the men was to bring on the plane explosives which were hidden in soda bottles and then explode them while in the air. Such individuals exist in most human societies. They are “true believers” who regard themselves as endowed by some heavenly source as above the laws of humankind. In a sense, they believe themselves to be supermen who are not governed by law and thus whatever they do must be right because they do it.