Airport Bomber Still Unknown

There are two wars against terrorism–one in which those utilizing terrorist strategies openly boast about their actions, and another war in which those engaged in bombings, remain silent and unknown. At this point, no one knows who was the person–or persons–who exploded a bomb in the Moscow airport that resulted in the death of at least 35 people. Some eye witnesses insist a man set off the bomb, others claim they saw a man and a woman and the bomb was strapped to the body of the female. Current suspicion is the tragedy was the result of some obscure group called, Nogai Battalion. Prime Minister Putin has promised “inevitable retribution” against those behind the bombing. But, how does one carry out “retribution” when the Russian government doesn’t even know who did it? One is reminded of President George Bush promising to take out Saddam Hussein for 911 when it is clear Saddam, while a brutal dictator, had nothing to do with 9/11. There are rumors that for weeks, Russian investigators were tracking three women and a man who supposedly were preparing a bomb attack.

Of course, we want to know who killed innocent people. But, the lesson of the Iraq invasion is attacking the wrong people inevitably results in even more deaths. Haste not only leads to waste, it results in ten fold the number of innocent people who die.