Al Jazeera Fights For Free Speech

It is quite common for Fox News, the guardian of freedom of speech for all viewpoints, to condemn al-Jazeera as the voice of Muslim terrorism. Of course, al-Jazeera is the only Arab media that allows Israelis to present their viewpoints without censorship, it offers a comprehensive analysis of what transpires in the Middle East and recently has been expanding its coverage to  other parts of the world. However, this media was created by the government of Qatar, an entity which currently seeks to crush all opponents to its authoritarian regime.  Many prominent staff members of al-Jazeera have left the organization seeking to find other outlets which allow free speech.

Due to pressure from the executive branch of the media, correspondents must now fawn over petty incompetent leaders like President Morsi of Eypt. Sheikh Hamas bin Khalifia , emir of Qatar used to allow open discussion, but now that he is confronted with opposition elements within his nation, all must tow the line of obedience.

Death of a good media.