Al Jazeera Poll Reveals Distrust Of Bush

During the past week, Al-Jazeera conducted a poll among Arabs in several nations regarding how the public views the upcoming George Bush sponsored Middle Eastern peace conference to discuss the Israel-Palestinian situation. Of those surveyed, 95.8% said the conference would fail and that nothing would be done to create an independent Palestinian state or deal with the refugee problem.

The only consolation for President Bush is that at least 4.2% of respondents have faith in his ability to bring peace to the Middle East. The poll merely reflects how respect for America has reached new lows in the Middle East and nothing will change them these attitudes until George Bush leaves office.

  • Elias Friedman

    I hardly see how our president has anything whatsoever to do with their opinion about us over there. IIRC, weren’t our embassies and warships bombed during the Clinton administration? Iran took hostages during the Carter administration. Of course incidents happened during the Republican administrations that occupied the rest of the last thirty years. Just goes to show you that they don’t care who’s leading us, they just plain hate us for being free men and women, not to mention for being infidels.