Al-Qaeda Blames Obama For Gaza-What’s New?

Ayman al-Zawwahiri, the number two man in al-Qaeda blasted president elect Barack Obama for causing the current crisis in Gaza. He described Israel’s actions in Gaza as a “crusade against Islam and Muslims” and termed it “Obama’s gift to Israel.” He denounced Obama for pretending to offer new ideas concerning the Middle East when all he desires is to kill “yur brothers and sisters in Gaza mercilessly and without affection.” The al-Qaeda leader also made clear his organization regards President Mubarak as a traitor who cooperates with Israel and American policy in the Middle East. “At a time when Israeli planes drop bombs,” Mubarak closes the border to prevent Palestinians from escaping the attacks.

There is nothing surprising in Zawahiri’s comments which is based on the assumption that all problems in the Middle East stem from actions of the United States and Israel. There was no awareness of the fact Hamas placed weapons in areas in which there were women and children. Al-Qaeda is the problem and has nothing constructive to offer for any solutions. Barack Obama is not the president and has now power to do anything than to observe.