Al-Qaeda Calls For Jihad Against Arab Leaders

Al Zwahari, the top deputy of Osma bin Laden not only lashed out against Israel and the United States, but pinpointed leaders of Arab nations for their failure to do anything about the situation in Gaza where an Israel blockade continues without any sign of an early end. he called for a jihad carried by the sons of the Muslim world who would do something to end the Gaza siege. Al Zwahari also blamed leaders of the wealthy Arab nations who refuse to take action to resolve the Israel – Palestinian conflict. The al-Qaeda leader termed President Mubarak of Egypt as a “criminal traitor” who has the capability but will not take action to end the siege of Gaza.

In one sense, the tirade is nothing new from an al-Qaeda leader, but there are signs the terrorist group will direct part of its engergies to disrupt Arab nations that have hung on the periphery of the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Perhaps, this is evidence of a new thrust that increasingly will focus on disrupting oil wealthy nations.