Al Qaeda Camps In Libya

People are in the streets of Libya demanding that Muammar Gaddafi leave the premises as soon as possible, but along with their seizure of towns in eastern parts of the country is news of a new kid in town–Al Qaeda. Former Guantanamo prisoner, Abdeikarim al-Hasadi is now in charge of the new group. “Al-Qaeda has established an emirate in Derna” he announced to the world. They already has set up an FM station and we should expect within coming days news of people being executed and the installation of a Sharia court. Al-Qaeda’s presence just a few hundred miles away from the European Union raises interesting questions as to whether the new group has support of the Libyan population or whether it is a short lived venture into the spotlight.

So far, the “Tunisian flu” has spread word that people want democracy and so far there is no evidence the youthful revolution seeks installation of clergy dominated governments as in the case of Iran.