Al Qaeda Entering Yemen

Five years ago, President Bush and his close associate, Dick Cheney, promised the American people there was need to invade Iraq in order to strike a blow against terrorism. During the ensuing five years, al-Qaeda emerged in Pakistan, in North Africa, in Iraq, and now in Yemen. A Saudi citizen, Naif Mohammad Al-Qahtani, has been identified as the leader of a new terrorist group, “the “Al-Qaeda Network in the South of the Arabaian Peninsula.” The group is allegedly receiving financial support for Syrian sources who support the group’s work to destabilize Yemen and Saudi Arabia. In a message titled, “Come to Yemen,” the group urged any Al-Qadea supporters living in Saudi Arabia to hop across the border to Yemen and join the fight to overthrow the government.

The alleged immediate object of the new terror group is wiping out the tourist trade in order to damage the Yemen economy. The fall out from Bush failures in Iraq continue rippling through the Middle East