Al-Qaeda Foes Now Foes Of Iraq Government

There has been a great deal of boasting by John McCain and the Bush administration regarding the “success” of the surge, but less attention is being paid to the prospect of a renewed outbreak of violence due to anger on the part of Sunni members of the Awakening Councils who played a key role in the surge. Many Sunni Arabs who fought against al-Qaeda say their future is bleak because of refusal by the Maliki government to offer them positions either in the Iraqi military or police. Abdullah Al-Samarraie told reporters he has submitted dozens of applications without any response to his request to serve the Iraqi government in their fight against extremism.

Instead of rewarding those who fought, the Maliki government is disbanding the Awakening Councils. Sunnis who fought against al-Qaeda are both being disarmed and made jobless. The Iraq government regards them as enemies of the state not allies in the fight against extremism. Can we expect these Sunnis will one day resort to violence against the government which has treated them in violent ways?