Al Qaeda May Be In Gaza Strip

Israel General Amos Yadin of Military Intelligence claimed al-Qaeda operatives most probably entered Gaza during the recent breakdown of conditions bordering on Egypt which resulted in thousands of Gazans being able to cross over into Egypt. Yadin told members of the Knesset that during the breach, Hamas was able “to bring back those who had left for training in Syria and Iran, including snipers, explosive experts, rocket experts and engineers.” He believes “copious amounts of weaponry had also been smuggled in.” Some Knesset MPs believe that Hamas is undergoing a militay remake much like Hizbuallah did in Lebanon and the result will be massive construction of bunkers and military equipment to confront any Israel invasion. They warned that Gaza might have to be held not for a few days but for months.

Yesterday, the Qatar government offered to serve as mediators with Hamas in order to resolve the situation. It believes the initial step is to cease pretending Hamas does not exist and to enter into negotiations that might result in long term peace. The Israel-Bush approach of ignoring the reality of Hamas has failed. In order to head off further explosive situations it is time to negotiate and after conclusion of such talks to create an international Muslim military force that will ensure peace in Gaza.

  • mendy lewin

    you just got one small fact slightly wrong:
    hamas is not ready to make peace but will accept a long term ”cease fire” not ”peace” (which means: give us time to sharpen the knives to slaughter you later….)
    for qatar it means groundbreaking achievements:
    hamas is ready to give israelis some time out! grab the opportunity!
    for a normal thinking israeli it means hamas is in trouble and wants to buy time and we won’t sell it to them…
    the idea of a muslim international force is surprising coming from you:
    you might have opinions which are against common sense but at least you get the facts right
    so let me remind you: mahmoud abbas was ruling as president with a hamas government and one day whoops hamas wanted the whole cake for themselves in gaza and booted fatah out in a bloodshed.
    hamas was ruling a democratically elected government with mahmoud abbas over it to make it accepted by the international community and hamas turned it’s back on him why would they accept to share power now?!
    besides who in his right mind will send soldiers in that mess? after what hamas did to egypt?!
    fred you deceive me here………

  • Fred Stopsky

    Israel has relied on ignoring the reality of Hamas policy. Has it worked? One must explore all possibillities. What exactly is lost by engaging in discussions with Hamas? I have repeatedly urged creation of an International Muslim Army to supervise Gaza and prevent further violencve. By the way, Defense Minister Barak is reportedly rady to favor such an approach. Hs supposedly would like Turkish troops to supervise the area. An excellent suggestion, but first discuss with Hamas and attempt to obtain such a goal.