Al Qaeda Prepares Attacks On

Al Qaeda is angry at the Danish people since their country was the source of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed. Although, it has been years since al-Qaeda could carry out any serious attacks in the United States of Europe, its leaders brought together their best military minds in order to concoct a new plan leading to revenge on the people of Denmark. After years of planning and plotting they are prepared to launch, Operation Pedestrian. The basic thrust of OP is to have al-Qaeda agents rent cars in Denmark and then drive them through the streets of Copenhagen seeking pedestrians they can run down. I assume the plan calls for pretending it is an accident, but, one never knows how the mind of a terrorist will function. Perhaps, the goal is to run down pedestrians and while they are on the ground taunt them with the knowledge they have a broken leg thanks to the brilliant mind of Osama bin Laden.

Perhaps, we can use this al-Qaeda idea in our own country. How about ambushing Glenn Beck and when he enters the subway, throw him off before he reaches his destination? Or, we could steal garbage trucks and park them next to the cars of people like Bill O’Reilly or Rush Limbaugh so these pundits can smell what they are saying on TV. First they came for pedestrians, next they came for bus drivers, and finally, they came for Sarah Palin.