Al-Qaeda’s War On Children

In a recent article appearing in the Saudi Gazette, a student in a class which educates Saudis who have become involved in terrorist activities to reconsider their actions in light of Muslim teaching, a young man described going to Iraq and discovering he was being asked to kill fellow Muslims by being a suicide bomber. Yesterday, Iraq suffered a horrible sequence of suicide bombers who indiscriminately blew themselves up causing the death of dozens and wounding of even more. In the town of Baquoba at least 35 died while in Baghdad another 31 were killed along with numerous who were wounded. In a separate attack, a 13 year old girl blew herself up killing four people. It increasingly becomes evident al-Qaeda is recruiting teenagers who are less able to resist persuasive arguments and thus more prone to blow themselves up in some disconnected idea about truth and peace.

The people who died were all Muslims and all civilians who had never done anything to stop terrorism and their punishment was death by explosion. Is this the best way Muslim fighters for their ideals can function? Is the killing of young girls somehow linked to the Muslim religon? There is sadness in sending children to their deaths in the name of some cause that adults seek.

  • Salaam

    Great post. One point of objection. You’ve called them “Muslim fighters.” Most Muslims would call them “extremist deviants.”