Al Qaida Bastion In Mosul Braces For War

Mosul resembles a dead city as American and Iraq troops begin their attack which is designed to crush the last remaining al-Qaida forces in the city. Patrick Cockburn, writng for The Independent, says soldiers are shooting at any civilian vehicle. Two men, a woman and a child in one car which failed to stop were shot dead yesterday by US troops who issued a statement saying the men were armed and one made “threatening movements.” The British correspondent reached Mosul in a convoy of armed soldiers who were escoting Khaso Goran, the deputy governor of the area.

Supposedly al-Qaeda is nearly defeated but no one moves around the city without being in an armored car or with military and police in close proximity. Goran, says last September ninety people were killed in Mosul, in March of this year 213 died. The real question is not whether al-Qaida in Mosul can be pushed out of the town, but are al-Qaida forces lying low and biding their time or are they really defeated? No one knows the answer to that question which can not adequately be answered until months have passed.