Who can forget cries of perild issued by former President George Bush concerning forces of  evil headed for the shores of the United Statess. He insisted America had to invade Iraq in order to destroy non-existent WMD and get at the source of support for al-Qaida–Iraq? There never was a threat to the USA, but Bush transformed his incompetent administration into one leading the Crusade against terrorism.

Michael Sheehan, Assistant Secretary of Defense ffor Special Operations, told an audience that al–Qaida never posed any threat to the United States. “Al-Qaida wasn’t as good as we thought they  were on 9/11. Everyone looked to the sky every eday after 9/11 and said: ‘when is the next attack?’ And, it didn’t come because al-Qaida wasn’t that capable. They didn’t have other units in the USA. They didn’t have the capability to launch a second attack.”

The dynamic trio of Bush/Cheney/Runsfeld  spread fear and anxiety because it was good politics and made certain Bush got another term.  If anything, Bush hysteria INCREASED the size of al-Qaida by offering them an opportunity to fight in Iraq.