Al Qaida Stands Tall For Peace

There are those who continue to adhere to the ideals of Osama bin Laden, the Martin Luther King of the Middle East. As the world knows, al-Qaida has but one goal, bringing peace to the world and love and kindness to all. A branch of al-Qaida in Lebanon has accused Hezbollah of using violence in order to get across its ideas. Some members of Hezbollah resorted to planting bombs near mosques in order to do some harm to those of the Muslim faith. There are occasions when I simply do not grasp the intricacies of those who believe in the words of the Prophet Mohammad. I always assume this great man wanted all members of the Muslim faith to join together in peace and harmony. For some reason there are members of al-Qaida and Hezbollah who do not agree with the doctrine of loving all Muslims. Hezbollah set bombs to explode near some Sunni mosques which led to the death of 47 and wounded over 300.

Al Qaida the group known for never resorting to violence is rather upset. They are warning Hezbollah of “retribution.” It is so wonderful to know that al-Qaida stands tall for peace and non-violence.