Al-Shabaab Ready For All Out War In Somalia

The nation of Somalia has been wracked by war and violence for over two decades. Most of its people have no memory of a time when one could live peacefully in the country and not fear being killed by your own people. Al-Shabaab, the militant Islamic group which is allied with al-Qaeda, announced it is prepared to launch all out attacks against government forces and troops from the African Union which provide protection for leaders of the nation. Muktar Robow Abu Mansur, a powerful leader of insurgents, proclaimed it was now time for “the soldiers of Allah” to “launch attacks to eliminate the enemy from the country.”

One could readily place blame on the Bush administration for initiating two years ago an invasion of Somalia by the Christian nation of Ethiopia which only made things even worse than they were before their arrival. There is chaos and disorder. And, no one knows how this mess will turn out.