Alas, Dear Silvio, We Knew Thee Well

There are moments in history when forces representing the flow of history toward a bright future are derailed by forces of reaction an hatred. Silvio Berlusconi has for years fought on the side of human rights and social justice, but due to prejudice and hatred has been forced from the right to pursue his quest for justice to all Italians. He was finally confronted by the powers arraingned around Hate. Parliament voted to throw him out on charges of tax fraud. He is now back on the streets of infamy and left alone with only a few billion dollars of spending money. As Silvio so aptly noted: “it’s a day they are toasting because they can take an adversary, they say a friend, in front of the execution’s squad. It’s the day they have been waiting for for twenty years.”

OK, Silvio is gone because he believes in the right of pudgy old men with lots of money being able to seduce young girls lacking the same. So, what is so wrong with having sex with a teenager? Got me. It just goes to show how Italian law discriminates against those with money.

To the barricades! Fight for human freedom! Fight under the banner of fraud and sex!!