Alas, Mitt Is With Us!

Mitt’s main opponent has fled the field of battle leaving him to survey his great   victory. Months have gone by during which time Mitt has denounced his own ideas about healthcare as the work of the Devil himself, has denounced the rights of women and even blasted ideas that he once upheld-abortion rights, for  example. Yes, Mitt, you won a great victory and are left with its consequences:

1. You are on record as opposing basic women rights such as contraception.

2. You are on the record of opposing any desire to help immigrants.

3. You are on the record to opposse food stamps, extening unemployment benefits, and anything that would help those thrust into poverty.

4. You are on the record for seeking to  cut taxes on the wealthy who ONLY possess 23 of all wealth in the nation.

5.  You are on the record to cut Medicare.

6. You are on the record to seek changes in the Social Security system.

A rather interesting record.