Alas, Rick Has Gone!

Rick Santorum has decided to leave the battlefield of ideas for another place where he can reside in peace and security knowing that he fought the good battle only to lose. At Gettys burg, he madea  speech that was about 1600 words longer than the famous Lincoln Gettysburg address. Rick told the audience: “What I tried to bring to the battle   was what  Abraham Lincoln brought to the battlefield in 1863.”  It is clear that Rick has absolutely no idea  about the ideas of Abraham Lincoln. For example:

1. Lincoln was the president who introduced the   income tax.

2. Lincoln had the Federal government give business $200 million to build the transcontinental  railroad– business contributed $600,000.

3. Lincoln took property from  busines people and refused to pay compensation, slaves, that is.

4. Lincoln supported religious tolerance to all religions.

5. Lincoln did NOT belong to any organized church.

6. Lincoln introduced the first draft system for military service.