Albuquerque Police Quite Jerky

Albuquerque is in the state of New Mexico and it, undoubtedly is among the key targets of terrorist groups and those seeking to sow violence in our society. Since 2010 the police of this American city have killed –we do not employ the word, “murder” when police kill a person, at least 25 people. It is difficult to encounter examples in which those killed were firing weapons of violence other than their physical presence or mouth. Activists, including those who have lost sons and daughters due to police blasting away with guns rather than physical restraint, attempted to see Mayor Roland Berry. He was busy. One of the protesters made clear that “We’re going to be in the administration’s face until we feel safe in our own city. This community is in fear of the police.”

The Mayor refused to discuss issues regarding police violence. He is certain that no innocent person was ever killed by members of the police. One activist, David Correia will be in court on charges of a felony because he pushed a member of the police force. When in Albuquerque walk politely, speak politely, and, if you have to be killed, please don’t raise your voice. Just accept death. If not, you will be charged with police brutality.