Albuquerque Shooting Grounds

The National Rifle Association insists that we Americans have the right to bring our weapons into municipal offices because the Second Amendment guarantees our right to do whatever we desire in order to protect our body from government actions. Protesters in Albuquerque entered the offices of Mayor Richard Berry in order to protest the killing of 25 people in their city by the police over the course of four years. Professor David Correia of the University of New Mexico was arrested for assaulting a police officer. New footage clearly proves he placed his arms in the air to ensure one and all knew that he was not intending bodily harm. Let us examine the criminal mistakes of this college professor:

1. At no point did he show police officers that he was armed.

2. At no point did he threaten action by the NRA against government officials.

3. At no point did he contact Fox News and asked dispatch of one of their blond haired beauties who could pose dumb questions to the police about violation of the 2nd Amendment.

4. At no point was anyone shot by demonstrators.

5. Imagine if this group came armed to the death with automatic weapons!