Aldi All Over Store

Aldi is a German owned supermarket that sells goods rather cheaply and seeks to sweat every penny out that it can get from its workers. A private detective who works for the store revealed that his bosses spy on the help in order to make more money from the help. Among his jobs was not only looking out for anyone who might be attempting to hustle the store for a penny but any and all information about the employees. “I had to report anything that came to my attention. I had to say if an employee was working too slowly, engaged in having an affair and reveal private details of course, early this year a former store manager made the same claims.

Andreas Straub published a book describing his life under Aldi. Shortly after the book came out he received a phone call which threatened: “we will make you pay the price .” Of course, since this is Aldi, it will be the least expensive price.