Aleppo And War

The guns of July will soon be the guns of August and the deaths of July will dramatically increase during the month of August. At least a thousand members of the Free Syrian Army are battling forces of the Assad government in the streets of Aleppo. We are now into urban warfare. The history of battles in cities reveals a strong army can eventually gain control of the city, but the cost is huge in terms of deaths, wounded and physical damage. President Bashar al-Assad can make certain his army gains control of Aleppo, but this will only set the stage for months of guerrilla warfare in the city.

Urban guerrilla warfare is nasty. Soldiers are killed, and they respond by killing, both the innocent and guilty. This results in more civilians becoming militants, more deaths, more destruction and hatred becomes even more intense. Assad gain win in August, but what will be the situation in October? It took trained members of the US Army months to secure Baghdad, what will it take the less trained members of the Syrian army?