Alevi Still Alienated In Turkey

The Alevi in Turkey have lived in a precarious position for many  years. They are people who seek friendship and collaboration with a wide variety of groups since  a primary goal is to create a world in which peace and harmony prevail. Okkes Sendiller, a Turkish nationalist is not well respected among many Alevi because it is believed he played a role in the Maras massacre of 1978 which claimed the lives of 150 Alevis. Sendiller was acquitted by a Turkish court but his name is still associated with violence among the Alevi. Ali Kenanoglu, of the Istanbul Alevi Association was fined for objecting to have Sendiller invited to discuss problems with Alevis in Turkey. Mr. Kenanglu commented: “it is like inviting Hitler to a Jewish meeting.”

The courts claim this comment insults the dignity of Mr. Sendiller. I live in the United States of America in which Republicans almost daily compare President Obama to a gorilla or a communist or a terrorist. Sorry, Mr. Sendiller, stay out of the United States if you want your dignity respected.