Alex Ain’t The Man

Alex Rodriguez is a baseball player who makes each year about $27 million. He is currently charged with using drugs in order to hit home runs. He is currently meeting with baseball officials who want to ban him from playing for a season, Alex does not think this is fair. Alex even has the support of some folk-who knows why they support him, but some folk really like the man who uses drugs. They stand outside a building shouting praise for the man who uses drugs. Some even charge there is discrimination because Alex is of Hispanic heritage. I listen to the words of Alex since I am a loyal Yankee fan, and await an explanation. As of this date he has never denied using drugs but he does deny the right of baseball to deny him the right to get his money. He believes the treatment he has endured is unfair.

I await Alex testifying in his own behalf and offering evidence that he is an innocent man. He is the ultimate example of one who is persecuted for being a stand up guy who either uses or does not use drugs. Is he the Alfred Dreyfus of modern times, the French officer who was accused of being a spy, but was persecuted because he was Jewish? Perhaps, Alex might raise the issue of anti-Semitism?