Alex The Great!

As you recall, during the last election, Mitt Romney told a meeting of the wealthy that his main concern was protectng the rights of those with wealth. Mr. Alex Rodriguez of my beloved New York Yankees resides among those with wealth and thus feels entitled to be protected in guardiance of his wealth against the forces of evil seeking to rob him of what is his. Bud Selig, who heads the major leagues, believes he has a right to inflict punishment of those who draw upon drugs in order to hit those long home runs. Mr. Selig punished several major league players with suspensions. All but one accepted punishment and apologized. However, Mr. Rodriguez refuses to be punished. He is one of those Mitt deemed to be job creators and thus immune from any sort of punitive action or need to explain how they behave in life.

Alex sort of admitted that he used drugs to enhance performance, but he is ALEXIS RODRIGUEZ, and has millions of dollars which allows him to do what the hell he damn well pleases. He hired a dozen or so lawyers and investigators to investigate Mr. Selig and anyone else who dares an attempt to searate Rodriguez from his money. For some reason Mr. Selig does not grasp the fact that Alex is really Alex the Great!!

Sorry, Alex, you will never break the home run record. Your body is no longer the Great body with or without drugs. You have become a normal baseball player. We normal folk have to accept punishment in order to get along with our lives.