Alex, We Knew Ye Well!

The long expected suspension of Alex Rodriguez finally arrived. Ironically, news of his suspension through 2014 was made just as the drug man returned from his months in rehabilitation games in such far away places as Trenton, New Jersey. Alex insists that he wants to play.Alex insists that he is 100% healthy and ready to blast away against enemy pitchers and prove that even without a drug in his body, home runs will be the product of his swings. He is a drug man. He has used drugs, he has lived with drugs and he has allowed drugs to make him a superior baseball player. He is arrogant,self centered and only concerned with his own image. In reality, Alex Rodriguez is a symbol of what has happened to baseball. Average players have been awarded crazy salaries and can earn millions at the age of 40. OK,Alex is not 40, but his salary would be paying him that amount if he ever reached the age of 40 and was still able to move.

Albert Pujols turned down a good salary from the St. Louis Cardinals and persuaded the Los Angeles baseball team to give him a ten year salary that paid $20 million per year. Oh, he is hitting 250 and can barely walk. Oh well, only nine years at $20 million per and then the contract is over-for a then 40 year old man who simply can not walk, let alone run!

The silliness of modern baseball!