Alexander “Joe Stalin”Lukashenko Rules!

Alexander Lukashenko was under pressure from the European Union to hold a free election so he made a pretense of allowing voting. Much to his surprise in a free election people are free to vote for whom they desire. After a feeble attempt at holding an election, he let loose the dogs of brutality. Opposition candidate was not only beat up by the local KGB, but together with his wife, Irina Khalip, an international recognized journalist, they wound up in jail. But, mad man Lukashenko could not halt at that brutality. Now that their 3 year old son has both parents in jail, he must live with his grandmother, but the KGB is investigating the possibility of declaring the grand parent incompetent to raise a child and send the boy to an orphanage. As one opponent put it: “Lukashenko is trying to frighten Belarussian society, to plunge it into fear.” The petty little men is depending on repression, fear and brutality.

The European Union must declare a complete embargo on Belarus. It must make certain if any official from that country enters an EU nation he will be arrested and placed before the International Criminal Court for trial.