Algeria Denouces US Guantanamo Policies

The Algerian government is concerned over failure on the part of the United States to work with them on issues pertaining to Algerian citizens who are imprisoned at Guanatanmo. According to a source which told the El Khabr newspaper, “The U.S. party was not willing to achieve an agreement about the Algerian prisoners in Guantanamo, and they are seeking making the Algerian party responsible of the falure of the agreement.” The source insists America continually makes new demands such as seeking assurance the Algerian judiciary will act in a manner consistent with American interests. Algeria has been able to identify at least 26 nationals in the prison and several are suffering from mental disorders.

Hopefully, a new adminsitration next January will make as among its first tasks closing down the Guanatanamo prison which has done more to damage the reputation of the United States than any single action of the Bush presidency. Its existance makes mockery of America’s commitment to the ideals of democracy, due process, and the co