Algeria Waits In Wings

A consistent characteristic of leaders in the Middle East is that  once in power, always in power. Once they get the job of head honcho it is virtually impossible to get them to leave and become an  ordinary citizen. Abdelaziz Bouteflicka has been president of Algeria since the time my hair was dark, rather than its current whiteness. Latest reports from the country indicate their main man is currently residing in a hospital in Paris where military doctors are doctoring to his medical needs. Algerian publisher, HIcham ABoudinjad made the mistake of printing a story about the president being ill so he wound up in jail for  even suggesting the head man might not be able to continue in that position.

Bouteflicka and his National Independence Front have been up front leading Algeria since the 1960as and their goal is to celebrate a hundredth year in power. The tragedy  of the Middle East is that not a single country has a man like Nelson Mandela who can walk away from power.