Ali Abdullah Saleh Against The World

Ali Abduallah Saleh has been dictator of Yemen for nearly three decades so it is normal in his view that when the boss man speaks, everyone jumps to attention. For two months, protesters in the streets of Yemen cities have been demanding that he step down as dictator and allow free elections. It is rather difficult for one accustomed to power to simply vanish from the scene of authority. He, most probably, also fears being placed on trial for his crimes. After all, his buddy Hosni Mubrarak hesitated and did not get the hell out of Egypt and the result was being placed in prison and now facing a trial for his crimes against the people of Egypt. That scenario plays strongly on the mind of Saleh.

He unleashed his dogs of war upon the population and there is fighting in the streets. He made clear to the world, “I will not leave power, and I will not leave Yemen. I don’t take orders from outside. Yemen will not be a failed state.” And, he warned that if he is forced to surrender power, al-Qaeda will take over the country. That should play well in the American Congress and on Fox News.