Ali Can’t Leave–Yet!

President Ali Abduallah Saleh has been running the country of Yemen for over thirty years and during his illustrous tenure in office, poverty remains poverty and people remain without hope of a voice in government. As winds of change finally reached Yemen, protesters took to the streets demanding their rights. Unfortunately, after being Numero Uno in a nation for three decades it is difficult believing someone else has a right to express opinions about government.

Yesterday, Saleh’s men fired on protesters and killed at least 12 while wounding dozens. We have yet to hear from Senator John McCain is Obama is once again acting like a coward and refusing to come to the aid of an ally. The dilemma for conservatives who either want intervention or do not want intervention is deciding which intervention deserves our attention.

To intervene or not to intervene, that is the question? Of course, one might ask in which respect is Saleh different from Gaddafi?