Aliens Are Here, Not Out There!

NASA ordinarily excites people with stories of possible alien life on distant planets, but a new discovery indicates aliens have been on Earth for millions of years. Scientists discovered bacteria at the bottom of arsenic-rich Mono Lake in California. In other words, life forms are possible which exist on arsenic rather then on nutrients we associate with human life such as oxygen. As one scientist put it: “They’re aliens, but aliens that share the same home as us.” Who knows what form of “life” exists on planets throughout the universe? Perhaps, it is time to rid ourselves of ideas regarding the uniqueness of human life.

This news enables me to understand the presence of groups like the Tea Party or the Republican party. If bacteria can exist using arsenic, this means Republicans and Tea Party folk can exist using hate, fear and anger as life enhancing nutrients. Of course, what is surprising learning that Republicans are alien life forms?