Aliens–Go Home!!

The town of Fremont, Nebraska, located on our beloved Great Plains is determined to prevent influx of foreigners and drug addicts and them nasty Hispanics who ruin the scenery of their fair state and take jobs from native born God-fearing Nebraska folk. People in Fremont are voting on a new law that requires foreign nationals to get a license from the city council in order to live in within city limits. The number of Hispanics working in meatpacking plants has risen from about 165 twenty years ago to over 2,000 today. Jerry Hart, a backer of the new law, is worried about continued arrival of “these people” because if they continue coming, “we could have terrorists and gang members and people involved in drugs.” Of course, the latest to be arrested on terror charges are men who have American citizenship and the bombing in Oklahoma City was carried out by one of those God fearing native born Americans.

I assume if this bill and others like it become laws, executives with British Petroleum will be required to get an “occupancy license” in order to conduct business in Washington D.C. and the 25% of baseball players from Hispanic countries will not be allowed to take the field unless they show umpires their occupancy license which allows them to play baseball. How many people in the Midwest originally were from Canada, but hopped across the border in the 19th century and became “native born Americans?”