Aliens–Stay Away!!

The NASA Kepler telescope has discovered the presence of at least two planets in a distant galaxy that appear capable of sustaining life. 62-e and 63-f are trillions of miles away from we humans, and one can only say, “thank God” you life forms have no contact with life forms who term themselves to be “human.” If you life forms have any semblance of intelligence, stay far, far away from we humans. In theory, we are intelligent life forms, but any definition of the word, “intelligent” has nothing to do with we creatures. I do not  know what you aliens call yourselves, but do you really want to visit life forms who:

1. Engage in nonstop wars in which they kill one another.

2. Allow a few to possess enormous quantities of goods while most people go hungry.

3. Claim some nice Jewish Rabbi or some nice Arab are somehow connected to a thing that allegedly lives up in the sky.

4. Allow countless people to lack health care because they don’t have enough money!

5.  Are very capable of hating and killing those who look different.

6. Actually, differentiate one from the other based on skin color rather than hair or eye color!