All Fair In Love And War?

Iran funds violent groups such as Hamas and Hizbullah on the ground there is a war going on between Arab nations and an Israel-US alliance which seeks to gain control of the region. Yesterday, two Iranian scientists who work in the field of nuclear energy were attacked on the streets of Tehran by motorcyclists who blew up their car leaving one dead and the other seriously wounded. Naturally, within moments of the attack, state television issued a statement charging “American and the Ziionist regime agents carried out two assassinations” of Iranian scientists. I get confused. Iran is happy when Hamas or Hizbullah kills someone, but it is unhappy when someone blasts away at their guys. Look fellas, if you want to play with guns and bombs and blast those whom you do not like, then pay the penalty.

Iranian leaders still do not grasp that an Islamic hero in one society is a terrorist in another. A Hizbullah warrior for God in one society is a wild eyed fanatic in another. If you cannot stand the heat in the kitchen of war, stay out of all kitchens.