All Is Not Quiet On Eastern Front

It is now over ten long years since President George Bush sent American soldiers into Afghanistan in order to overthrow the Taliban government and bring democracy to that poor land. After destroying Taliban forces Bush walked away from the task of creating a stable government and economy because he wanted to destroy non-existent WMD in Iraq. Each year has witnessed more and more people dying. Each year has witnessed more and more American soldiers dying or getting wounded.

The  communique from NATO yesterday  reported that 6 NATO troops had been killed by roadside bombs. Four of them were from the Indiana National Guard. I assume when those four young men volunteered for the National Guard winding up in desolate Afghanistan was never in their minds. But, President Bush fouled up, he did not focus on economic development because he wanted to be the John Wayne of the Middle East and kill the bad men.

Four young Americans are dead on a day that reported six members of the military had died. Their names will be forgotten–except for family members–and no one will get around to investigating why they died. Sorry, All Is Not Quiet On The Eastern Front.