All Is Well In Afghanistan–Or, Sort Of?

Army Col. Viet Luong told the media it would be difficult to control Afghanistan’s border with Pakistan unless NATO troops could secure the cooperation of tribal groups in the area as well as working closely with Pakistan forces. Even as he spoke, American units in east Afghanistan were involved in a day long clash with attacking Taliban forces. General Petraeus constantly assures the American people that things are improving in Afghanistan and the Taliban is getting weaker. However, observers in Pakistan admit it is an open secret that Pakistan’s secret intelligence unit, the ISI is providing rest and recreation to members of the Taliban who are getting defeated by NATO forces. Petraeus assures Americans we are slowly “winning” event though 700 NATO troops died this year, the highest total in nine years.

The bottom line is Pakistan will not assist any effort to deal with the Taliban as long as they regard that force as their ally in the struggle against India. The focus should be on peace and reconciliation between India and Pakistan if there is ever to be peace in Afghanistan.