All Quiet On Eastern European Union Front-Momentarily

Two people have died and thousands of trucks are stuck at the border between Poland and the Ukraine this week after custom officials went on a wildcat strike. They are complaining about bad pay, overwork, and lack of preparation for dealing with the new Schengen zone borders. The Schengen zone or passport-free travel was expanded to include ten more nations. As part of participating in the Schengen zone, these countries had to tighten border security. There are now an estimated 3,000 Polish trucks stuck at the Ukraine-Polaish border and another thousand are on their way.

The European Union is experiencing growing pains as it expands the scope and breadth of its free zone area. Polish custom officials believe they were not provided sufficient training nor did anyone anticipate the additional work entailed in moving from checking all passports to having in place an effective security system.

There is a new world goliath being created as the European Union continues its eastward expansion. One can only wonder if the coming years will witness a southeast movement towards Turkey and other nations of the Middle East.