All Quiet On Eastern Front

A strange lull is now present in Syria. Tanks are not blasting away in towns and armed soldiers are not beating and killing innocent people. The cease fire which UN representative Annan has been able to negotiate with President Bashar al-Assad has finally brought an end to fighting. Of course, during the past year over 9,000 innocent people in Syria were  murdered by their beloved president. Members of the Free Syria Army admit the fighting has ceased. Of course, many towns are wrecked, food is lacking, even water and medical facilities have been seriously damaged so what is  left for those who are left in these now quiet towns?

No one knows if the lull of today is simply a prelude to the murders of tomorrow. The assumption of this cease fire is that President Assad is willing to accept some form of democratic process in Syria. Of course, he knows if such an event happened, he would be on the first plane out of his land and heading for a nation that would not extradite him.

Yes, All Quiet on the  Eastern Front, but what about tomorrow is still the question?