It was just another day on the Eastern front and Israel and Palestinian headquarters reported the front was quiet. Oh, a few Palestinians were killed and a few Palestinians tried to set off bombs and a few Jewish rabbis urged fellow Jews on the Holy Days to utter a few prayers asking God to kill Palestinians. On the Gaza front, a few bombs flew toward Israel, machine guns from the IDF blasted suspicious looking men who wandered too close t the fence which divides Gaza from the outside world. Children were playing, young boys and girls walked through parks holding hands and uttering sweet words of love. In the Israel Cabinet, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman insisted no surrender, better to end the quiet on the Eastern Front and show them damn Palestinians who is boss of this territory. Over in Gaza, leaders of Hamas discussed the possible horror of an agreement between Israel and Palestinians. They explored ways of fostering violence if violence came to an end.

The daily reports said it was all quiet on the Eastern Front. Somewhere, a family got into their car and began the drive to a town for food and clothes. Along the way, their car struck a bomb and all were killed. The Report said All Quiet On The Eastern Front.