Allah From A Jewish-Buddhist View– Is It OK?

I admit to being an outsider and not part of the Muslim religion, but there are times I wonder why some Muslim men spend so much time worrying about things that really are not that important in the scheme of life. Muslim leaders in Malaysia, after considerable thought, have decided to allow a Catholic newspaper to use the word, “Allah” even though they belong to a different religion. Of course, if they want to use the word “Allah” when referring to God, they must print in bold letters, “For Christians” on the cover of the newspaper. The clerics insist using the word, “Allah” is restricted to members of their religion.

I guess fair is fair and it would be appropriate if Malaysian authorities forbade Muslims from using the word, “Christ” in their periodicals unless the newspaper had in large letters, “For Muslims.” I guess if we carry this thing to its logical conclusion, then those who are atheists, should not use words like “Allah” or “Christ” or “Moses” or even “God” unless the newspaper or magazine carries the appropriate, “For Atheists” on its front cover.

So, is this what Muslim clerics spend their lives worrying about? I have a strong hunch God is shaking his head in disbelief that humans have reached this level of silliness in dealing with serious issues about God and religion.

  • T

    The reason they banned it was that they were afraid it would confuse Muslims and some might convert. (As you might know, conversion of Muslims is frowned upon – often with a sharp sword – by very many Muslims).
    The problem with banning it however was that it indicated that they weren’t worshipping the same god – which they claim they were.

  • Fred Stopsky

    Somehow, I have difficulty believing someone will convert because they saw the word Allah in a Christian publication.