“Allah Is Only For Us”– Ask Him If You Don’t Believe!

There is one thing to be said about we humans, if you thought idiocy heights had been reached, just wait another day if you want to learn about an even nuttier version of human stupidity. OK, there is a world wide recession, millions of people lack food or medical care, but we know that is not the real problem in society– just ask the nut cases in Malaysia who went on a rampage because a court ruled the word, “Allah” does not belong exclusively to Muslims but can be uttered by anyone. Mobs of Muslims went on a rampage attacking Christian churches and burning one to the ground on the basis “we will not allow the word Allah to be inscribed in our churches. Heresy arises from words wrong used and Allah is only for us.” A man told reporters, “we can fight to the death over this issue.”

Pardon me, but which “issue?” Saying a word? I would love to have those running wild and shouting Allah’s name to explain to an alien how the use of a word is a threat to anyone. Sometimes, I suspect aliens have been to planet Earth, listened to these nut cases talk, and then quickly departed because they want to have contact with intelligent life forms. Sorry, there is not an ounce of logic in this craziness. I have a hunch that Allah up in Heaven is shaking his head in bewilderment.