Alleged Militants Killed In Afghanistan

The story in the Army Times said: “three American missile attacks killed 54 alleged militants” in Afghanistan. The missiles were used in a village in which 32 people died, “alleged people, that is.” Missiles were used to blow up a vehicle and missiles were used to kill commanders attending a meeting. As someone who was alive during the Vietnam war, pardon my cynicism. It became known years after the war concluded that daily “body counts” included innocent civilians as well as Viet Cong soldiers. Missiles fired into a village were so damn accurate they only killed those who were Taliban. Is it possible some innocent civilian was serving tea and got blown up? Is it possible some children were outside the meeting area playing soccer and they got blown up? Of course, it is fantastic we have missiles that not only blow up people, but they know the exact number of those who were killed. We truly have incredible accurate missiles.

The only facet of this story that can be verified by outside sources is, “alleged militants.”