Alligators And Businessmen

There is something very familiar between an alligator and a businessman in America. Alligators seek to devour any and all creatures who get to close to their being. They are denizens of the wild whose goal in life is eating and sleeping and enjoying a grand old time out in the wild areas of this world. Businessmen have but one goal in life, MONEY. They regard it as their duty and responsibility to take every single penny they can get from those who work for them. God placed them on this planet in order to eat while most survive on any pieces of food that is still left on their plates when the man of power is filled up. Ironically, alligators have a similar point of view.

Apparently, alligators have a process to lure birds to their mouths by drawing upon some tricks of the trade. Since many birds congregate near alligators in order to avoid being killed by tree climbing predators, alligators have invented techniques to devour these birds. Alligators and crocodiles place twigs on their snouts and do not move. Birds believe the stick is simply a piece f wood left on the ground. When they approach to pick up the stick, up comes a mouth and soon they become food inside the body of the creature.

Oh, if only crocodiles and alligators could assume the body of a human, what delightful meals they would enjoy.