Allow Children To Sing, And Then…..

It is common for supporters of Israel to warn the world about Muslim fanatics who deny equal rights to women. They are ready to shout to heaven about Sharia law which makes men more than equal to women. BUT, when the issue of Jewish Orthodox fundamentalists is raised a strange silence engulfs those fearing religious fanatics. In Israel, Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman was at a conference dealing with child safety when its organizers committed a horrible sin– they asked the audience to listen to a group of schoolgirl singers!!

Mr. Litzman took one look at the children, got out of his seat, and announced he had to take a telephone call. As a nice ultra Orthodox Jew he fears being contaminated in his soul if in a room where females sing. Of course, he fears fundamentalist Muslims who consider women less than equal. But, when it comes to girls engaged in singing, Mr. Litzman knows that God up on high is hanging his head in fear that He will hear their voices.