Allure Of Army Life Fades In Germany

During the past few hundred years, the German army was feared for its outstanding military prowess, but recent times are revealing dramatic changes in what young German males hold as important in life. American leaders such as Barack Obama have promised to urge Germany to take a more active role in fighting militants in Afghanistan. But, a combination of factors make unlikely there will be a dramtic increase in the number of soldiers Germany will be able to dispatch to the distant land. The number of high school graduates is steadily declining due to the lack of a high birth rate. But, the prospect of 2008 young males of working for low pay, under terrible working conditions, and most important, facing the prospect of getting killed, is an offer they can readily refuse.

Ullrich Kirsh, of the German Army Federation,” puts it this way, “It’s the danger of the mission in Afghanistan that is making prospecltive soldiers think twice about a military career.” Seventy five years ago, most Europeans and Americans would have welcomed a German youth that did not want to fight in wars. Well, that day has come to pass. For some reason, Americans are not pleased.