Along Came Avigdor Lieberman To Spout Lies

The United States of America is currently blessed with such nut cases as the Tea Party fanatics who blame Barack Obama for every problem in the world. We are blessed with Fox News which if it ever encountered a fact would quickly transform it into a lie. We are Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and such illustrious seekers after the truth as Lou Dobbs. Now, along comes the Avigdor Lieberman show from Israel. He is dispatching a coterie of his stooges all over America to spread the “truth,” nothing but the “truth” about his efforts to secure peace in the Middle East.

Among the goals of the “truth mission” is dispelling the idea West Bank settlements are an obstacle to peace. Anyone who believes the west bank settlements are an important step towards peace can please contact me. I have a wonderful bridge between Brooklyn and Manhattan you can have for a few shekels. Avigdor Lieberman is to truth as Rush Limbaugh is to honesty.

Do us a favor Mr. Lieberman and keep your stooges and con man at home. There are plenty of gullible Israelis who actually believe you know something about diplomacy. We Americans are Glenn Becked and Bill O’Reilly fatigued.