Alternative To War??

On each occasion that a nation or leader insists there is no alternative to war, someone points out possibilities of peace rather than of war. The Russian government is proposing that Syria turn over its chemical weapons to a United Nations control and thus end the possibility of air strikes by the United States. Russia argues this would end the problem of using chemical weapons in Syria and restore the possibility of peace in the Middle East. Secretary of State John Kerry’s initial reaction was that Syria is stalling. If Syria is engaged in stalling activities it is simply a matter of weeks or a few months before this becomes transparent.

France will prpose a resolution which requires Syria to place its chemcial weapons program under UN control. russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is working with UN officials to gain control of Syrian chemical weapons. Some argue this is a diversion, so what? What exactly is another two or three weeks?

Always opt for the road leading toward peace. OK, it may take a bit longer to wander down this road, but no one will die. Always remember: JAW, JAW, NOT WAR, WAR!