Alvin Greene, A Nice Man Who Should Fix Cars

Alvin Greene is a nice man. He placed his name on the list of candidates in the Democratic primary in South Carolina, and, despite never giving a speech or saying anything that was reported, voters decided Greene was their man to serve in the US Senate. Mr. Greene terms himself an “American Hero” and cites service in the military to support that claim. recently released records indicate he was passed over for promotion due to lack of ability and intelligence. There were comments concerning his inability to clearly express his thoughts or perform basic tasks. Since winning the primary, Greene has given interviews which are disjointed, to say the least, and he has suggested reviving the economy by selling action figures depicting him in his uniform. Supervisors commented he could handle “mundane tasks with supervision,” but had difficulty dealing with any changes in daily routine. Apparently, a general feeling was his need to be given a daily list of what to do, and then have someone check to see if he followed the list.

The above offers ample evidence Alvin Greene will make an outstanding member of the US Senate. Heck, imagine if senators had a daily “do list” which they were supposed to accomplish that day! As for not expressing himself clearly, this makes clear why Greene would fit in with the dunder heads like De Mint and others whose crazy ideas seek to destroy the American economy. America needs Alvin Greene. We need a man who knows how to shred documents, we need a man who lacks any understanding of what is going on in the world. Such a man would be a vast improvement over those currently serving in the US Senate. Vote for Ignorance, vote for lack of clarity, vote for Greene!